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Hot red Horseshoe

Hot Red

These are authentic, well-worn horseshoes (and always bring happiness). They are cleaned thoroughly and plated with a bright red coating. Of course, the gift pack includes the “Good Luck” booklet, the horseshoe nails and lifelong happiness guarantee.

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  • Rudolf

    Red Lucky Horseshoe

    (Christmas cushion)

    Rudolph is a reindeer with a big red nose, which gives light at night. He is bullied by the other reindeer, because of his nose. If Santa asks him to lead his reindeer on a night due to bad weather. He becomes a hero because they use his red nose as a lamp to catch sight. Overall Rudolf is best "horse" of stable and so it is with this horseshoe. The Red horseshoe symbolizes the nose of Rudolf and with the specially designed Christmas cushion, it's a winner for Christmas.

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