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Farewell gift

A LOT OF SUCCESS FOR THE FUTURE! An occasion we'd all like to avoid most of the time, yet we don't always have a choice. Wish that person all the best of luck in the new chapter of their life by giving them a unique gift that will always remind them of you and at the same time, bring them Good Luck! These Lucky horseshoes are a great Farewell gift.

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  • Home sweet home

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    Home Sweet Home

    (Calligraphy on a small wooden board)

    This extraordinary wooden board was inspired by the warm atmosphere of a house where the family members (in this case, the letters) spend quality time together and turn the house into a home. This design demonstrates to everyone that you love your house!

    An ideal gift for a housewarming party or to give to family members and close friends.

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  • Normal is Crazy Enough

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    Raw Lucky Horseshoe

    (Delft Blue Cushion)

    This lucky package is for people who think something common is crazy enough. A pure, raw horseshoe on a Delft-blue cushion: that’s a nice Dutch pattern, and it brings good luck! This iron is pure and raw, well-worn and thoroughly cleaned, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. A lovely gift to make for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party.

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  • Outdoors

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    Outdoor Luck Horseshoe

    (Cow Cushion)

    For nature lovers, we now have the Outdoors lucky package! A specially coated, outdoor horseshoe, which you can hang outside, rain or shine. The gift box includes the iron, on a soft, cowhide cushion, which makes unpacking a pleasure! This horseshoe is pure, raw, and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is intensively cleaned, engraved with the words "Good Luck", and coated with a special outdoor layer. A great gift to make for to an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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