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Get well

Know someone that could use a little Good Luck feeling better and recovering sooner? The perfect gift for this occasion, showing your support, comes in a classy gift box, complete with real horseshoe nails, a Good Luck booklet, and a personal wish card that says it all. Engrave your words of support to add a special touch!

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  • Falling Star

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    Chrome Lucky Horseshoe

    (Light Blue Cushion)

    Have you ever seen a shooting star? Such a star is magical and so pretty, and it also brings happiness. This horseshoe is as magical and beautiful, so it will give you even more luck: a lifetime of happiness! This horseshoe is pure, raw and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is intensively cleaned, and plated with a layer of chrome. Great gift to make for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party.

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