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  • Home sweet home

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    Home Sweet Home

    (Calligraphy on a small wooden board)

    This extraordinary wooden board was inspired by the warm atmosphere of a house where the family members (in this case, the letters) spend quality time together and turn the house into a home. This design demonstrates to everyone that you love your house!

    An ideal gift for a housewarming party or to give to family members and close friends.

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  • Cowboy

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    Raw Lucky Horseshoe

    (Cow Cushion)

    These lucky charms are for real cowboys. Bring nature into your home with this rough horseshoe, feel the spirit of the wild West with this cowhide-pattern cushion. This Lucky Horseshoe is pure and raw, heavily worn and carefully cleaned, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. Great gift to give for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party.

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  • Wild Luck

    Outdoor Luck Horseshoe

    (Giraffe Cushion)

    For anyone who loves safari and giraffes, there is now the outdoor horseshoe on a giraffe Cushion! This horseshoe is pure, raw, and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is intensively cleaned, engraved with the words "Good Luck " and coated with a special outdoor layer. A great gift to make for to an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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