New Baby

IT'S A BOY!! IT'S A GIRL!! Want to wish the new little bundle of joy the best of luck on this exciting journey? Especially for the little ones, we made these baby pink and blue horseshoes, the perfect symbolic addition to their bedroom door or crib! Engrave their name and birth date on the horseshoe and we'll guarantee a lifetime of Good Luck!

It's a boy? Click here for boys horseshoes.

It's a girl? Click here for girls horseshoes.

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  • The Highflyer

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    Gold Lucky Horseshoe

    (Light Blue Cushion)

    This happiness package is for real whizzes. After a great performance, or after obtaining a diploma, this lucky horseshoe promises only more luck in the future! This horseshoe is pure, raw and well-worn, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring luck. This version is extensively cleaned, and covered with 24 carat gold. Great present to give for an anniversary, birthday or farewell party!

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