Gift giving is always a moment of celebration!

A present with luck is a party!

It doesn't matter if it's a gift for a large wedding feast or as a modest thank you.You have to make it something beautiful, luck must radiate from it.

That's why the designers of the Good Luck horseshoes have made a package full of luck. The package consists of:


Horseshoe with good luck

A lucky horseshoe:

The lucky horseshoe comes in the color and with the engraving of your choice. Of course, there's a quality seal on the back from GoodLuckHorseshoes. These irons will bring guaranteed luck.
Good luck guarantee

Good Luck guarantee:

The lifelong Good luck guarantee if the horseshoe has not brought any luck after one year, the horseshoe will be exchanged for a new one for free. We regularly get the question if horseshoes get sent back. Of course not, they really bring luck!


Good luck

Booklet 'Good Luck'

The booklet 'Good Luck' with the history and anecdotes about lucky horseshoes. We have the booklets available in Dutch, German, English and French. You can tell us which language you prefer when you order.
Horseshoe nails

Horseshoe Nails

The package includes two original horseshoe nails. They are packed in a nice folder, which alone has much of our designers' work in to it. Because, how do you make a nice and stylish "storage folder" without having to glue thing. Well, after various designs they certainly succeeded. The two nails can be used to hang the horseshoe. How? That is explained on the page ''How to hang a horseshoe''.


The good luck card

The good luck card

The good luck card with you personal best wishes. To help you, we have already made a few texts for you that you can use for various occasions. With 1 click of your mouse, you have a text, which you can also alter if you want. The texts are all about Good luck. You text will be printed on the inside of the greeting card. Here you can find different examples of the good luck wishcards.
Certificate foor good luck


A certificate that the horseshoe is really used before. Only used horseshoes bring luck, so this little certificate is very important.


Display for horseshoe

Design Display (optional)

A display of stainless steel (optional). You can indicate whether or not you want to order this with your horseshoe. This display is special: it's made by our designers and has cost them a lot of time to design. But they are really perfect and suitable for all horseshoes. This way, the horseshoe radiates its luck.

Gift Box

The whole package will be send in an attractive gift box. This gift box will be send inside a sturdy shipping cardboard box, so that it will arrive safely. The outside of the gift box is neutral: the receiver will not see from the outside that it has luck inside.