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Lucky horseshoes have of course been around for centuries. But to make it a successful gift, that is a lot of work.

A whole team

A team of designers is working intensively to make everything even more fun. They look for new packaging or work for days, sometimes even weeks on a brilliant display. Copywriters are often at work updating the "Much Happiness" booklet, or new texts are being invented for the greeting cards. Our web designer is constantly looking for new ways to make the website better and our photographer always knows how to make the photos even better. In short: many people work hard on all designs. And we are careful with that.

Everything is protected

That is why we have all designs, displays, photos and texts recorded and monitored. Because occasionally we sometimes see a copy (usually very bad) of our work. And we don't like that.

Because we capture the designs so well, we can quickly put an end to counterfeiting, so that all our customers know for sure that what they buy is really good. That is why we can safely say: we are the world's largest supplier of much happiness.


Good Luck Horseshoes

Budget Horseshoe
As low as $18.00
Outdoor Horseshoe
As low as $42.00
White lucky horseshoe
As low as $48.00
Baby blue horseshoe
As low as $48.00