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The engraving of your horseshoe

Engraving your lucky horseshoe

In our studio all lucky horseshoes are hand-crafted. We use specially made for us-made engraving machines. You can have two lines engraved on almost all horseshoes. We can engrave a maximum of 18 characters on the first line and a maximum of 15 characters on the second line. Spaces count as a sign. We do the engraving completely free of charge. After engraving the horseshoes are checked piece by piece and after approval provided with our quality seal.

We engrave our horseshoes with the help of an old-fashioned letter tray. As a result, it is not possible to engrave all punctuation marks. For a number of frequently requested characters, we have chosen to have them specially made.

Double rings

Do you want double rings? Then put two monkey tails on the order form in the engraving box: @@.


Do you want to have a heart engraved? That is wonderful between two names, for example. Then indicate ## at the right place in the engraving field (two fences).

Milling of wish boards

The milling of the text on our wish boards is done differently. We use a computer-controlled cutter for this, which can process almost all texts with great precision. Do you have special wishes or do you want to know if a special text is possible, please contact our customer service via this form.