How to buy a horseshoe?

Find the perfect gift

You are looking for the perfect gift, but you just don’t know where to start. You might like to give an excessively shiny lucky gift, then choose a golden horseshoe or a subtle gift than the natural horseshoe is more suitable. We have horseshoes in all kinds of beautiful colors or do you want something with a real wish ? Something for a wedding, for a newborn or an anniversary ? Maybe you are looking for the greatest happiness in the world, something that you can carry with you every day or something for your home on the wall ? We have it all on this website, your gift is also there!

If you know what you want you will go to the product page. For most gifts you can (or should) fill in some options there. For horseshoes you can, for example, specify one or two lines of text that will be engraved, which is optional but is always free. What you must in any case indicate is which filling you want for your gift package and in which language you want the booklet ‘Good Luck’. You can choose from Dutch, German, English or French. There are no extra costs associated with this, you just get it for free. You can also add a personal greeting card for each product. Then put the product in your shopping cart.

With some products there are other options. You can’t choose your own engraving for the budget and outdoor horseshoes. Depending on the model, you can choose an engraving for the wooden boards. Read per board what can and can’t be done.

When you have placed all the products in your shopping cart that you want to order, click on “Continue to checkout”. Follow the steps that you will see and we will do our best to deliver your order to your home as quickly as possible!

If a product is temporarily unavailable, it will appear with the product, and you cannot place it in your shopping cart either. We do our best to always have everything in house, but sometimes the sales go faster than we thought! If you want to know when we have a product back in stock, you can best call us on +31 35 – 622 18 64 (Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:00).

What do you actually get with a lucky package? All horseshoes indicate what we deliver. With the horseshoes there is in any case:

  •  The book good luck
  •  Certificate of authenticity
  •  Two matching hoof nails
  •  The unique lifetime warranty

Do you have any further questions? Take a look at the FAQ or contact our customer service via this form .