Running out of ideas what to give someone on their birthday? Looking for something original and unique? Well congratulations, you found it! A genuine, authentic Good Luck Horseshoe says it all! Let us engrave the name of the receiver on the horseshoe, along with their birthdate and VOILA, a birthday gift that puts a smile on anyone’s face!

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      • baby blue

        A lucky baby blue horseshoe

        Old traditions die hard and what better way to celebrate the birth of a baby boy than by gifting Good Luck.

      • baby girl

        A lucky baby pink horseshoe

        Old traditions die hard and what better way to celebrate the birth of a baby girl than by gifting a lucky baby pink horseshoe.

      • Black horseshoe Out of Stock

        A stylish black horseshoe

        Our stylish black horseshoes are prefect for those looking for a subtler charm. The matt black finish gives the horseshoe a low key profile, making it ideal for anyone regardless of their personal taste.

      • $22,00

        The perfect gift for anyone on a budget

        Luck isn’t only for the rich. The forces of good fortune, energy or whatever it is that gives power to our charms is beyond such concerns. This traditional horseshoe is just as likely to bring you luck as any of the others and makes the perfect gift for anyone on a budget.

      • Housewarming

        Indispensable in every new home

        Housewarming is a beautiful wall plate in which the coordinates of a location are engraved. These coordinates make every location unique in the world. It really makes a house your home. Housewarming is a unique gift when relocating, housewarming or opening a new business.

      • wolkjewolkje

        A personalized baby gift

        This Little Cloud is blue like the night sky or pink like candyfloss and makes a sweet gift for a baby or someone you truly care about. Shaped like a cloud, this handcrafted wall plaque will look lovely in any nursery or bedroom. A perfect way to wish a newborn a happy life or wish a loved one a good night’s sleep. We’ve attached a horseshoe to Little Cloud. To add a personal touch, you can have a name, a date (e.g. the date of birth), and the words “Good Luck” engraved into the plaque, to wish the recipient all the luck in the world.

      • Natural horseshoe

        A horseshoe in a traditional style

        Our Natural horseshoes are finished in a traditional style. They are of a higher quality than our budget range but are also instantly recognisable. They are perfect for someone looking for an attractive charm to hang in their home.

      • Outdoor

        horseshoe for the harshest of environments

        These Horseshoes have been specially treated to make them more resilient to outdoor environments. The special finish not only sets the horseshoe apart from others, it makes it ideal for anyone looking for a lucky charm capable to withstanding the harshest of environments.
        • You can choose a straw filling* or one of the cushions.
        *(Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)
        • Standard engraved with “Good Luck”
        • Add a beautiful design display
        • Select the language of your booklet
        • Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish

      • $55,00

        A horseshoe super gift

        Pink horseshoes are great for anyone looking to make a statement. They make super gifts for hen parties and they’ll look fab on your daughter’s wall.

      • white horseshoe

        White: The good Luck color

        The colour white has long been associated with good luck and in many cultures, it symbolises purity and sanctity. This makes the white shores ideal for a wedding gift or a christening or other significant life event. It also looks great against a dark background and even the devil himself will be able to see it from a distance at night!