Get well

Get well and Good Luck
Know someone that could use a little Good Luck feeling better and recovering sooner? The perfect gift for this occasion, showing your support, comes in a classy gift box, complete with real horseshoe nails, a Good Luck booklet, and a personal wish card that says it all. Engrave your words of support to add a special touch!

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      • baby blue

        A lucky baby blue horseshoe

        Old traditions die hard and what better way to celebrate the birth of a baby boy than by gifting Good Luck.

      • horseshoe gold

        A gift like a million bucks

        The colour gold is often associated with wealth and success. The significance of a golden horseshoe then is obvious. Our genuine gold-plated horseshoes look like a million bucks and while we can’t guarantee you’ll end up with a million bucks of your own, we also can’t guarantee you won’t.

      • $55,00

        A horseshoe super gift

        Pink horseshoes are great for anyone looking to make a statement. They make super gifts for hen parties and they’ll look fab on your daughter’s wall.

      • white lucky horseshoe

        White: The good Luck color

        The colour white has long been associated with good luck and in many cultures, it symbolises purity and sanctity. This makes the white shores ideal for a wedding gift or a christening or other significant life event. It also looks great against a dark background and even the devil himself will be able to see it from a distance at night!