Happy Holidays
During the holidays we wish each other all the best and prosperity for the coming year. But is it much more fun to give each other happiness? Below the selection that we have selected especially for the holidays.

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      • $22,00

        The perfect gift for anyone on a budget

        Luck isn’t only for the rich. The forces of good fortune, energy or whatever it is that gives power to our charms is beyond such concerns. This traditional horseshoe is just as likely to bring you luck as any of the others and makes the perfect gift for anyone on a budget.

      • chromed horseshoe

        A chromed horseshoe striking in any setting

        Let luck shine down on your home with this stunning ornament. Our fully chromed horseshoes are the pinnacle of our range. They not only look striking in any setting, but their chrome coating means they’ll be around for generations to come making them the perfect gift for anyone looking to pass on a tradition or heirloom of their own.