There’s no such thing as saying “I appreciate you” too often! However, running out of ideas to do this with a unique twist? Have your appreciation engraved on a traditional Good Luck horseshoe and watch the face of your partner lighten up as they open this classy gift box! These horseshoes are also available in the colors that will best suit your home. Ask us about special prices for bigger orders for this unique Promotional gift!

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      • Black horseshoe Out of Stock

        A stylish black horseshoe

        Our stylish black horseshoes are prefect for those looking for a subtler charm. The matt black finish gives the horseshoe a low key profile, making it ideal for anyone regardless of their personal taste.

      • $45,00

        Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan

        This original board with inspiring text completes your home. An original and stylish decoration that adds something extra to your home, namely a guarantee of lifelong happiness! The hand made wooden board is engraved with the text “Do not call it a dream, call it a plan“. Treat yourself to this truly worn horseshoe or give it to your loved one and turn your home, work or study space into a place of happiness and motivation!

      • chromed horseshoe

        A chromed horseshoe striking in any setting

        Let luck shine down on your home with this stunning ornament. Our fully chromed horseshoes are the pinnacle of our range. They not only look striking in any setting, but their chrome coating means they’ll be around for generations to come making them the perfect gift for anyone looking to pass on a tradition or heirloom of their own.

      • Housewarming

        Indispensable in every new home

        Housewarming is a beautiful wall plate in which the coordinates of a location are engraved. These coordinates make every location unique in the world. It really makes a house your home. Housewarming is a unique gift when relocating, housewarming or opening a new business.

      • Natural horseshoe

        A horseshoe in a traditional style

        Our Natural horseshoes are finished in a traditional style. They are of a higher quality than our budget range but are also instantly recognisable. They are perfect for someone looking for an attractive charm to hang in their home.

      • Outdoor

        horseshoe for the harshest of environments

        These Horseshoes have been specially treated to make them more resilient to outdoor environments. The special finish not only sets the horseshoe apart from others, it makes it ideal for anyone looking for a lucky charm capable to withstanding the harshest of environments.
        • You can choose a straw filling* or one of the cushions.
        *(Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)
        • Standard engraved with “Good Luck”
        • Add a beautiful design display
        • Select the language of your booklet
        • Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish