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Housewarming is a beautiful wall plate in which the coordinates of a location are engraved. These coordinates make every location unique in the world. It really makes a house your home. Housewarming is a unique gift when relocating, housewarming or opening a new business.




A new house, apartment, business or luxury villa. They all have their own place on this unique globe. A place whose position you can indicate as the seafarers did centuries ago. With the geographical coordinates, they were able to retrieve distant discovered cities or buried treasures after long journeys.
In technical terms: Latitude and Longitude
The numbers indicate in degrees, minutes and seconds exactly where a location is on our globe. The modern GPS devices use the same technique.
“Housewarming” is a beautiful wall plate in which the coordinates of a location are engraved. This makes it a very personal gift with a relocation, housewarming or opening of a new company.
You can look up the address of a location on this website .
It then immediately gives the coordinates that you can enter in the form below.
Below the map the coordinates are given as used by the old seafarers: For example: N 52 ° 13 ’17’ ‘and E 5 ° 10’ 56 ”


Housewarming is made from 18 mm thick Multiplex from responsibly cultivated poplar wood. Housewarming is painted in beautiful blue paint.


The size of “Housewarming” is 25 x 25 cm. With the cord the whole unit will hang about 15 cm lower than the suspension point.

A horseshoe is mounted on the board for even more luck at the new location. Artisanal engraving The hand-crafted wooden board is engraved with the location.

“Housewarming” is sent is a sturdy shipping package. With the board you will receive the booklet ‘Good Luck’. Two horseshoe nails have already been placed in the horseshoe for extra luck. The string is included, but the nail is not.

The Housewarming shelf is very suitable as a gift:

What is in the gift package:

  • The Housewarming board with horseshoe, engraved with the coordinates of a location of your choice and the text “Good luck”.
  • The book “Good luck” about the background of lucky horseshoes. The booklet is available in Dutch, German, English and French. You can make a choice on the order form.
  • Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish.
  • Everything is packed in a sturdy shipping box.


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