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frequently asked Good Luck questions

How do I order?

We have made ordering as easy as possible: you choose a horseshoe, fill in the specifications and a possible engraving. Then click on "Add to cart". Then you can go to your shopping cart. Walk through your order and if that's right, click on "continue to checkout". In the form that you get there, you can enter all the information we need for your order. You can also choose the shipping and payment method. If you have entered and sent this information, we will start working for you! We will send you the order confirmation after which we will quickly make your order. It's that simple!

How should I specify an engraving?

That depends a bit on the product you want to order. With each product it is clearly indicated what you can engrave. The form states how many characters you can have engraved. The spaces count.

What payment options are there?

You can pay with Credit card, PayPal, and Applepay. View this page for more info.

What is the delivery time?

Deliverytime depends on your location. We send the Horseshoe within 1 workingday. Transport time is usually 2-3 days.

Can I return my product?

A lucky horseshoe needs some time, but if your horseshoe hasn't brought you luck after a year then something is wrong. Go to this page for more info and the possibility to request a new horseshoe, which you will of course get for free.

If something is wrong with the product, or it is not as you expected, it is best to send us an email with this form. Then we will gladly solve it together with you!

Is there a guarantee on my order?

We always do our utmost to prepare a gift that is as perfect as possible for you. But if there is something wrong with the product, we will be happy to resolve it together with you. Send an email with this form.

It is important that your horseshoe brings you lots of luck., We would like to refer you to the page about the Good Luck Guarantee . You can read all there about what you can do if your horseshoe hasn't brought you any luck after a year (spoiler alert: you'll just get a new one!)

Are there discount schemes for ordering multiple products at the same time?

Do you want to order more than 50 products? Please contact us with this form

Is the golden horseshoe real gold?

Hell yes! The golden horseshoes are immersed in a bathtub of real gold, and as a result they get a layer of 24 carat gold over them. The gold is not through and through. That would not be handy either, because then the horseshoe would be much too soft. A horse cannot walk on it (and so it doesn't bring good luck), and hanging it up is not an option either! And then we haven't even talked about the price ... ;-)

How do you hang a horseshoe?

Do you hang a horseshoe with the points down or up? The 'Good luck' booklet that is included in the lucky package, says exactly how it should be done. It is even described how you can hang the horseshoe with the supplied nails. We can already say: in Western Europe it is customary to hang the horseshoe with the open side up. On this page we tell much more about it.

Why does a horseshoe bring good luck?

In the booklet 'Good luck' that is included in the Good Luck package, there is extensive explanation of why a horseshoe brings good luck. On this page we have described that horseshoes have been bringing happiness for 1,000 years.

Do all horseshoes have the same dimensions and shapes?

The lucky horseshoes that we sell are borne by horses, otherwise they don't bring good luck. Horseshoes are tailor-made for every horse. Therefore no horseshoe is the same. Moreover, the irons have been used intensively. Scratches and wear spots are therefore standard. The average size is approximately 12 x 14 cm, the weight is on average 350 - 550 grams.

The wooden boards are also not exactly the same: you sometimes see the veins of the tree still running, and all boards are painted by hand and are therefore all slightly different. We do, however, ensure that they are all beautiful, because we only deliver craftsmanship that we are proud of!