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Giant horseshoe

Giant horseshoe

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The largest horseshoe in the world!

Giant Luck, the largest horseshoe in the world! Almost 2 kilos of wrought iron, shiny polished and hand-crafted. The Giant Luck horseshoe comes in a high-gloss white lacquered wooden box with a stainless steel standard (for those who prefer to hang the horseshoe than hangs), two original horseshoes and the book 'Good luck'. A giant gift of 2 kilos of good luck! In addition to the choice of the polished version, you can also opt for the white coated Giant horseshoe.

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Big bigger Biggest. Is that also possible with luck?

Yes you can! A 'normal' horseshoe is of course already a great lucky charm. Can that be surpassed? Well, there are huge horseshoes, specially made for the largest horses in the world, the Shire horses. Those horses are so large that if you stand next to them, you cannot even look beyond their backs. Their horseshoes are just as huge: every horseshoe is almost two kilos of solid wrought iron! The 'Giant Luck' horseshoes have become the top pieces in our collection. We polish the enormous horseshoes beautifully shiny. You can choose between the polished wrought iron version or the gold coated version. We deliver them in a high-gloss white lacquered wooden box with a black velvet interior. For those who do not want to hang such a beautiful piece but want to put it down, we add a nice standard.

You can choose from the brightly polished wrought iron horseshoe or the gold coated variant. Pay attention! We charge a different price for the Giant horseshoe with white coating.

Average size
This giant iron weighs almost 2 kilos and has a size of 23 x 21 cm.

Craft engraving
With the form above you can specify your own text that we engrave for you in our studio. We do the engraving completely free !

This horseshoe comes in a beautifully beautiful, shiny white, wooden box. The black interior is precisely made to measure, so that the design display and the matching hoof nails also fit nicely. Every Giant is of course supplied complete with the unique design display.

Giant horseshoe: very suitable as a gift as:

What's in the package:

  • The Giant horseshoe in the version of your choice with personal engraving.
  • The booklet 'Good lLuck': you can choose from the Dutch, German, English and French languages. You can make a choice on the order form.
  • 2 original matching hoof nails.
  • The unique design display.
  • Everything is packed in a beautiful, shiny white, wooden box. The black interior is precisely made to measure, so that the design display and the matching hoof nails also fit nicely.

More about Giant horseshoe

Giant Luck

Do you need a big gift once? Or is there something big to celebrate? Then these Giants are a great gift. There are many celebrities in the USA who have one on the wall. And we were once allowed to deliver one to the Ronald Reagan museum: they have now displayed it in the collection.
We delivered a luxury copy in Hollywood: there he was used in a series where he hung 10 episodes on the wall in the executive office.
Order information

order information

Good Lucky guarantee
Of course we also add the unique "lifetime warranty"! If the received horseshoe has not brought you luck after a year, please contact us and we will exchange your horseshoe for another horseshoe that will bring you more luck.

Delivery time
Ordered before noon? Then we ship the same working day. In most cases you will receive it within 2 days. At the end of the day we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking code.

Shipping costs
With an order above $ 60, - we ship your order completely free to the USA! Additional costs are attached to foreign shipments. You calculate this on the check-out page.

Shipping method
We ship to the USA with Fedex

We will engrave the horseshoe for you free of charge. We do that in the 'Helvetica' font.
Special symbols are possible to a limited extent. Read on here >>

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