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Running out of ideas what to give someone on their birthday? Looking for something original and unique? Well congratulations, you found it! A genuine, authentic Good Luck Horseshoe says it all! Let us engrave the name of the receiver on the horseshoe, along with their birthdate and VOILA, a birthday gift that puts a smile on anyone's face!

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The story of an original birthday gift

It must have been about five years ago. We were called on Friday afternoon about 4 o'clock. It was a man, let's call him Harry, who wanted to order a horseshoe. Harry necessarily had to have the horseshoe the next day.

A gift in a hurry

Now we are used to working quickly here, but this became a bit tricky. I asked him if he had the opportunity to pick it up the next day. He came from the east of the country, but picking it up was no problem for him. I quickly had the horseshoe engraved and packed in the studio. To meet him a bit, we agreed to meet at a roadside restaurant in the area so he didn't have to leave the highway.

Symbol for luck

The next day, Saturday at 10:00, I was able to hand Harry the beautifully packaged horseshoe in the parking lot. But I had become a bit curious so I asked him why he was in such a hurry. Harry said: 'I'm going to a birthday party of a very good and very rich friend. He spends much of his time driving an extremely precious Ferrari that he flies all over the world. Last year I bought a bottle of wine as a birthday present that I could not afford. And it turned out: the whole evening we were drinking plenty of wine that was even more expensive. Now I hope that this horseshoe would be more original as a birthday present. More importantly, I can no longer afford those expensive wines. "
When I said goodbye, I asked Harry to let me know if the present had been appreciated.

Monday morning 09.00: Harry calls. He said: It was a big party with many celebrities who, like me, gave the expensive wines in abundance as a gift last year. There was a whole table full of the most exclusive bottles. When the birthday boy opened my package, a moment of silence fell. He stood there looking at the horseshoe, placed it on the table, and hugged me with tears in his eyes. "This is the most beautiful gift I have received in years". He was moved because I wished him "all the happiness in the world." That had never happened to him. In the course of the evening he came back to me a few times to thank me for this wonderful birthday present. "
"So," said Harry, "this horseshoe was a real hit as a gift. I only have the problem that I have to find something similar for next year ”.

What is the moral of this story? A gift carefully selected, beautifully wrapped and given with love does not have to be expensive at all.