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Give the person that makes your heart skip a beat one of these special lucky horseshoes and it's bound to bring you Good Luck in love! Don't forget to engrave a special message!! We won't tell a soul!

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Give a Lucky Horseshoe for Valentine’s Day

With February 14th looming ever closer, many of us are starting to think about how we might honour the one we love on this most romantic of days. Flowers and chocolates are all very well, and other thoughtful gifts like jewellery and perfume or aftershave are appropriately intimate little offerings to surprise them with on valentine’s day, but - let’s face it - they’re also a bit of a cliché and can look like panic-purchases if we’re not careful.

Valentine’s Day gifts

You could move in the other direction entirely when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting, and treat the special guy or girl in your life to something you know they’ve had their eye on like a DVD boxset or a CD. Not particularly romantic, we’ll admit, but a gift like this is something that shows you know their tastes well and want to spoil them a little. But for some of us there’s just this inescapable urge to do something romantic that’s also original on Valentine’s Day – a feat that gets more difficult each year as our social media feeds bombard us with pictorial evidence of what all our friends gave and received on February 14th. But fret no more, as we’ve got a few suggestions you might like the sound of…

Universal symbol of good luck

The horseshoe is a universal symbol of good luck, an icon often associated with marriage, hope and fertility as well as general good fortune. Gifting your beloved with a beautiful decorative horseshoe in a colour or scheme of colours they love is a way you can show them how lucky you are to have them in your life. You could even opt for a gold-plated horseshoe if you like, or add your own personal message engraved into the bottom of the horseshoe’s curve. These ornaments look lovely sitting in a simple mount on a mantelpiece, hung on a wall amongst special family photos and mementoes, or displayed on a bedside table. Alternatively, you could mount your good luck horseshoe above your front door if you want to use it for its traditional purpose: warding off evil from your home.

You feel so lucky to have them in your lives and you thank your lucky stars every day that your paths ever crossed… so why not give them a subtle reminder of your lucky, happy connection with a piece of jewellery that symbolises all of this and more? Horseshoe pendants are especially popular, and bracelets that bear this simple icon – sometimes in the form of hanging charms – are also a lovely thought for Valentine’s Day. Not only will a piece of horseshoe jewellery signify the lucky nature of your relationship but if you believe in the lucky power of the horseshoe, your lucky horseshoe gift could also symbolise the protection you want to offer this special person.

This one is very original and not a decision to be taken lightly, but the most lasting gift of all could be a lucky horseshoe tattoo – a symbol of your luck and fortune in finding this wonderful person. Scarlett Johansson famously got a lucky horseshoe tattoo on her ribcage in 2012, thought to be a private joke – an intimate exchange - between herself and her partner.

Wishing you all a very happy, lucky Valentine’s Day!