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White lucky horseshoe

White lucky horseshoe

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White: The good Luck color

The colour white has long been associated with good luck and in many cultures, it symbolises purity and sanctity. This makes the white shores ideal for a wedding gift or a christening or other significant life event. It also looks great against a dark background and even the devil himself will be able to see it from a distance at night!

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A pure virgin gift: snow white

You want to give luck, but not too striking. Then this version is suitable for you. The neutral white fits in almost any interior and it still has al the luck inside. These lucky horseshoes are originally used horseshoes (and therefore always bring good luck). They have been intensively cleaned and provided with a snow-white coating. Of course the gift package also contains the booklet "Good Luck", the horseshoe nails and the lifelong happiness guarantee.

Average size
Every horse is different, which is why every horseshoe is unique in shape and size. An average horseshoe weighs 0.4 kilos and has a size of 12 x 14 cm.

Craft engraving
With the form above you can specify your own text that we engrave for you in our studio. We do the engraving completely free !

This horseshoe is on a nice cushion in the color of your choice. With the form above you can choose your own filling. (Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)

White horseshoe: very suitable as a gift as:

What's in the package:

  • The white lucky horseshoe with your own engraving.
  • The booklet 'Good Luck': you can choose from the Dutch, German, English and French languages. You can make a choice on the order form.
  • 2 original horseshoe nails in a nice folder.
  • A certificate that the horseshoe is really used.
  • Our unique good luck guarantee.
  • Everything packed in a nice gift box.

More about white horseshoes

A few examples of true white luck:

  • Many people are looking for it, the little white flower called Edelweiss. It grows at unreachable heights and dangerous rock mountains. People who find such a flower are intensely happy.
  • But there is another white flower that spreads its happiness. The dandelion spreads its seeds with small white parachutes and only a small breeze is needed for this. How many children do not blow the parachutes away while they make a wish?
  • White is also the color of hope. Hope is a wish for something beautiful in the future. Hope is a feeling that you want to share with people.

So a white horseshoe can be used for any occasion and you can make everyone happy with it.

Order information

order information

Good Lucky guarantee
Of course we also add the unique "lifetime warranty"! If the received horseshoe has not brought you luck after a year, please contact us and we will exchange your horseshoe for another horseshoe that will bring you more luck.

Delivery time
Ordered before noon? Then we ship the same working day. In most cases you will receive it within 2 days. At the end of the day we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking code.

Shipping costs
With an order above $ 60, - we ship your order completely free to the USA! Additional costs are attached to foreign shipments. You calculate this on the check-out page.

Shipping method
We ship to the USA with Fedex

We will engrave the horseshoe for you free of charge. We do that in the 'Helvetica' font.
Special symbols are possible to a limited extent. Read on here >>

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