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Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe
As low as $72.00

A gift like a million bucks

The colour gold is often associated with wealth and success. The significance of a golden horseshoe then is obvious. Our genuine gold-plated horseshoes look like a million bucks and while we can’t guarantee you’ll end up with a million bucks of your own, we also can’t guarantee you won’t.

Lucky horseshoe

Natural Horseshoe
As low as $39.00

A horseshoe in a traditional style

Our Natural horseshoes are finished in a traditional style. They are of a higher quality than our budget range but are also instantly recognisable. They are perfect for someone looking for an attractive charm to hang in their home.

Budget Horseshoe

Budget Horseshoe
As low as $18.00

The perfect gift for anyone on a budget

Luck isn’t only for the rich. The forces of good fortune, energy or whatever it is that gives power to our charms is beyond such concerns. This traditional horseshoe is just as likely to bring you luck as any of the others and makes the perfect gift for anyone on a budget.

Everything you wanted to know about lucky horseshoes

History, guarantee and how to hang a horseshoe

Wedding gift

A personal gift for a wedding
Wedding Circle
As low as $42.00

A personalised wedding gift

This original horseshoe wall decoration completes the bridal couple's house. A graceful and stylish decorat

Baby gift

Good Luck for the newborn
Little Cloud
As low as $42.00

A personalised baby gift

This Little Cloud is blue like the night sky or pink like candyfloss and makes a sweet gift for a baby or someon

Love gift

Good Luck in love!
True Love

A personalised Love gift

Then you want to let everyone know. You want to shout it from the rooftops, write on the walls and carve into tre

Horseshoe display

Design Display

You can order a design display with all lucky horseshoes. That way you don't have to hang the horseshoe, but you can also put it on a table or desk. This display has been developed by our designers and can only be purchased in this shop. A 24 carat gold-plated display is also available for the gold horseshoes.

Good luck

Good Luck package

Every horseshoe is delivered as a complete Good luck package. This package contains:

  • the ordered horseshoe
  • the booklet 'Good luck'
  • 2 original horseshoe nails
  • the lifelong Good Luck guarantee
  • certificate of authenticity

And everything packed in a beautiful gift box.


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