Baby pink horseshoe


A lucky baby pink horseshoe

Old traditions die hard and what better way to celebrate the birth of a baby girl than by gifting a lucky baby pink horseshoe.

  • Pink light
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Baby girl

A child in itself ensures good luck at home. You can make the Good Luck complete by giving a lucky horseshoe as a gift. This baby pink version is especially for the newborn (grand) daughter, niece, sister, neighbor girl, godchild. This horseshoe has been intensively cleaned and then provided with a layer of soft pink. You can engrave a first name and date of birth in the horseshoe. This guarantees you a unique gift with a lifetime good luck guarantee. A real asset for every baby room.


• You can choose a straw filling* or one of the cushions.
*(Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)
• An engraving in the horseshoe is free.
• Add a beautiful design display as shown on the images
• Select the language of your booklet
• Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish

Also important: These horseshoes are not toys and not just for little girls.

Average size
Every horse is different, which is why every horseshoe is unique in shape and size. An average horseshoe weighs 0.4 kilos and has a size of 12 x 14 cm.

Craft engraving
With the form above you can specify your own text that we engrave for you in our studio. For example, think of the name and date of birth. We do the engraving completely free !

This horseshoe is on a nice cushion in the color of your choice. With the form above you can choose your own filling. (Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)

Light pink horseshoe: very suitable as a gift as:

What’s in the package:

  •  The light pink lucky horseshoe with your own engraving.
  •  The booklet ‘Good Luck’: you can choose from the Dutch, German, English and French languages. You can make a choice on the order form.
  •  2 original horseshoe nails in a nice folder.
  •  A certificate that the horseshoe is really used.
  •  Our unique good luck guarantee.
  •  Everything packed in a nice gift box.


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