Budget Horseshoe

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The perfect gift for anyone on a budget

Luck isn’t only for the rich. The forces of good fortune, energy or whatever it is that gives power to our charms is beyond such concerns. This traditional horseshoe is just as likely to bring you luck as any of the others and makes the perfect gift for anyone on a budget.

  • Straw
    Delfts blue


A gift for a small budget.

This is a very nice gift for a small price – even cheaper than a bunch of flowers – but make no mistake: this lucky horseshoe brings just as much luck as all the other irons! With the standard text ‘Good Luck’ and with the unique design display, the horseshoe comes into its own beautifully! The budget package contains an authentic and intensively used horseshoe, so they always bring good luck. This special version has a standard engraving and is ideal for a quick and original gift!

• You can choose a straw filling* or one of the cushions.
*(Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)
• Engraved with “Good Luck”, choose your own preference
• Add a beautiful design display as shown on the images
• Select the language of your booklet
• Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish

Average size
Every horse is different, which is why every horseshoe is unique in shape and size. An average horseshoe weighs 0.4 kilos and has a size of 12 x 12 cm.

Our budget horseshoes are already engraved as standard with “Good Luck”, “Viel Glück”, “Veel geluk” or “Bonne Chance”, you can choose your language yourself. If you want to engrave a personal text yourself, we recommend that you choose one of our other unique lucky horseshoes.

This horseshoe is on a nice cushion in the color of your choice. With the form above you can choose your own filling. (Straw is not available outside the EU due to customs regulations.)

Budget horseshoe: very suitable as a gift as:

What’s in the package:

  •  The budget natural lucky horseshoe with standard engraving “Good Luck”.
  •  The booklet ‘Good Luck’: you can choose from the Dutch, German, English and French languages. You can make a choice on the order form.
  •  2 original hoof nails in a nice folder.
  •  A certificate that the horseshoe is really used.
  •  Our unique Good Luck guarantee.

Everything packed in a nice gift box.

5 reviews for Budget Horseshoe

  1. Sherab

    Packing is Professional, Presentable and Perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    Quick, easy and precise.

  3. Ann

    Thank you so much I received my horseshoe on Friday. Im delighted with it. Very pleased with your service and hope to use it again for gifts in the future. Thanks,

  4. John

    Well I can’t fault the speed or ease of service and I am happy with the product and packaging/presentation

  5. Tina

    Website was difficult to navigate at first but overall very happy with service after he email correspondence.

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