Red Horseshoe

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Red: The gift with a lot of love

Red stands for love, passion and fire. It screams; “I love you!” With this horseshoe you want to tell someone something. That you love him and that you can no longer live without him or that you always think of her and that she makes you happy.
These coated lucky horseshoes were also used by a horse, because everyone knows that only used horseshoes bring good luck. They are thoroughly cleaned and then coated with a warm red color.

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The gift of luck and Love

In many countries and cultures red is the colour of luck and wealth. If you are considering gifting a horseshoe to any one of Asian or South American descent, then red would be a great choice.

• You can choose one of the cushions.
• An engraving in the horseshoe is free.
• Add a beautiful design display as shown on the images
• Select the language of your booklet
• Personalize the greeting card with your own good luck wish

Average size
Every horse is different, which is why every horseshoe is unique in shape and size. An average horseshoe weighs 0.4 kilos and has a size of 12 x 14 cm.

Craft engraving
With the form above you can have your own personal text engraved in our studio. That can be a name or a special date, but also a text like “Good luck” or “I love you”. We do the engraving completely free of charge !

This horseshoe is on a nice cushion in the color of your choice. With the form above you can choose your own filling.

A red horseshoe: very suitable as a gift as:

What’s in the package:

  •  The red lucky horseshoe, engraved for free with your personal text.
  •  The booklet ‘Good Luck’: you can choose from the Dutch, German, English and French languages. You can make a choice on the order form.
  •  2 original horseshoe nails in a nice folder.
  •  A certificate that the horseshoe is really used.
  •  Our unique happiness guarantee.

Everything packed in a nice gift box.

5 reviews for Red Horseshoe

  1. Keiffer

    We received the horseshoe today! Thank you very much.

  2. Jennifer

    Good morning, The gift recieptents confirmed they received the good luck horseshoe. Please keep me posted on any specials you run as these make fantastic and unique gifts. Best,

  3. lishka

    the horseshoe is beautiful… i am sure my friend will love it. thank you. ”i am sure my fri…

  4. Jennifer

    Many thanks, my horseshoe arrived yesterday and I’m really delighted with it!

  5. Jennifer

    Many thanks, my horseshoe arrived yesterday and I’m really delighted with it!

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